Wednesday March 7: A Text Adventure

Click the time!!!

For some unknown reason my body woke up before my alarm (wtf). Something in my brain said today you need to do the thing! (aka GD2) The light snowfall and blue light was pretty to see, despite blurry eyes. Just early enough to catch the world before it woke up. While these slow early hours are not normally part of my repertoire,

I took the time to appreciate the quietness and shuffle about my apartment. During my 6am shuffle I was lightly tidying up in the kitchen and taking advantage of the huge old windows that face the back of the building. Starting to grab some essentials for my work for the day and tracking down the stray paper/sketchbook for upcoming projects.
If my body clock has somehow failed me then my second more lively clock will. Ellie greets me in bed every morning in some way shape or form. She loves to sleep on the bed overnight, but can be such a princess when it comes to food. Automatic feeder in my future (probably shouldn’t spoil her too much…)
Tea and a companion to finally start my morning. Tried backing off coffee lately but apparently tea is actually worse for your teeth? So I guess there really is no winning. Enjoying the snowy morning was divine because Bolton Hill row homes deck their backyards out, snow covered trees for days.
Breakfast time and groceries aplenty! (not always the easiest sight to come by) I usually don’t start my day starving so snacking throughout the morning was the name of the game. A full fridge feels AMAZING, until it’s gone.
Work work work work work work work. So much to do and not enough hours in the day. Typography and resume work. My kitchen table makes an excellent desk to sprawl out on. Supplies at an arm’s reach.
Heading out! Places to go, people to see, things to do. Although unimpressive at first glance this foyer could tell stories I bet. Helping my partner with errands today! Driving his car is always a blast since I’ve never had the chance of buying my own. Plus I get to blast the radio, which is always a good time.
Typography Class with the one and only Lili Maya. An icon really. BIG MOOD. Lectures and crit are the best way to get excited for an upcoming project! I feel all MICA students can relate to the enthusiastic teacher shredding their way through an entire lecture in one shot. Swept up in the detailed demo on booklets, I was a note taking fiend.

In these very moments, I was taking the time to briefly proof and refresh myself with the assignment for today. Preparing for our informal ‘presentations’ which turned out to be way less a 'thing' than expected. Here we also have a wonderful product placement for Izze. Only 8 hours to go!

Can’t help but take notes non-stop, otherwise I’m bound to forget SOMETHING and not know what. Notebook and bullet journal on hand. I’m naturally organized but I swear sometimes I’m helpless without a good planner. Highly recommended by high school me.
Dinner break! A bit chilly, but the walk home was pretty. Times like these make me wish I had an iphone…… or just a camera
Cooking gigli pasta (which is one of silliest there is) and meat sauce with Sean (my partner/roommate). Chef duo in the kitchen. 1 hour SEEMS like a lot of time, but we had to take these puppies on the road.
The Mothership (trademark Ellen Lupton?). Took a break from class to snap this photo really. Functionally Brown is a rather silly building, but the interiors are always cool. A parkour enthusiast dreams somewhere.
Ah yes, I caved here. Doris caffeine refuel. No shame.
Design League showed what’s up about the vinyl cutter which is super rad! Maybe something for break?
Technical difficulties and a few demos later..Got a ride home from the cutest uber driver in Baltimore. We both are notoriously bad at photos or simply not photogenic. (that means I should take as many awkward once as I can get)
Back to the grind. Late one tonight. Set up for more to come!